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Toombs Ltd. is a small, family-owned business that has been doing business in Richmond, Virginia for over four decades. Custom indoor and outdoor lighting has been done for the Virginia Governor's mansions, the State Capitol, the Spielberg movie "Lincoln", historical homes in Colonial Williamsburg, historical homes in Charleston, SC, various clubs and private homes.


We offer expert brass refinishing services and custom fabrication of replicas and components to restore brass items such as fireplace equipment, door handles, lamps, church pieces, brass beds and more.

Crystal chandeliers, lamps and sconces are designed and custom sized according to your personal or commercial needs. Interior and exterior lighting is one of our specialties, so we'll gladly work with your needs based on location and use. All work is done in-house and is individually inspected by our expertly trained craftsmen. We tenderly restore and rewire lamps and chandeliers.

All silver repair and replating is done by our experienced silversmith, Bill Toombs.

Bring or ship your brass, bronze, copper, pewter and silver for on-the-spot quotes. We also offer repair and re-plating services for your treasured metal items. Flatware can be restored with new blades. We also offer buffing and repair of flatware damaged by your garbage disposal.

Visit our showroom located at 5730 Patterson Avenue in Richmond, Virginia.  We offer expert appraisal, design, restoration, cleaning and services, as well as our extensive product line, to customers nationwide.

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