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LAMPS are designed to be set on a surface to provide task lighting. Lamps also accent a feature or decorative element in your room through placement, design, height and choice of shade and bulb. 

Some task lighting is more functional than decorative. In the living areas of our homes, we usually use decorative lamps. While a single lamp is purposeful to a single area, paired lamps provide an anchor for larger spaces. Lamps should be placed on surfaces appropriate to the scale of the furniture.

We specialize in historic reproduction lamps, including highly prized ARGAND style lamps, electrified for practical use in today's homes.

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Custom orders: any item shown can be custom made for you in your specified size or finish. Give us a call or use our CUSTOM ORDER INQUIRY form for a price quote.


Argand Style Lamps toombs




college lamps

College Lamps

Floor or Desk Lamps
in choice of 4 metal
finishes. Includes
black or cream
shade and your
school logo.

Lincoln Wall Sconce Lincoln Style 
Wall Sconces &
Ceiling Light

Lincoln Ceiling Lamp









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