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The biggest enemy of your treasured heirlooms is not time and age, but improper cleaning. Abrasive cleaners and the items you use to apply them may cause irreparable damage that devalues your fine collectible. Here are some tips from the experts on caring for brass, silver, chrome, copper and pewter:

  • Never use abrasive cleaners like Ajax
  • Never use scouring pads to clean fine metals
  • Don't use mechanical drills and polishing tools, which can cause permanent damage
  • Don't use "instant dip" cleaners, which can leave a milky finish
  • Take care not to damage lacquered coatings, which can lead to oxidation and require more frequent cleaning

For best results, use professional grade cleaning and polishing products. Work slowly and use the softest cleaning rag available. Ideally, you should clean and polish brass, copper and silver items every few weeks. Milder polishes do force you to rub the metal harder and for a longer time, but this brings out the beauty and natural brilliance of your item, helping assure its lustre for the generations who will enjoy it in years to come.

When in doubt about how to polish your metallic valuable, don't just wing it. It's always good to get advice from an expert; if it's an important piece, you should ask a reputable antiques dealer, museum curator or experienced silversmith about the right product and methods to use for cleaning.

We use only professional grade, gentle cleaning and polishing products. You may purchase these polishes directly from us. You may also ship or deliver your item to us for cleaning, polishing and repair. CLICK ANY CATEGORY BELOW TO ORDER PRODUCTS ONLINE

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